Ashlee is finished. She is the district partner of Fran Sistrata. When submitting District 2, they do not need to be together, but they can be.

Ashlee's InfoEdit

Name: Ashlee Nereos
Ashlee nereos

Districts: 2 (1, Capitol)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: Ashlee is a nice girl, she does not like to appear very sweet and kind, but she can't appear with a mean and ruthless personality, so she has an average personality. She can be very friendly if someone tries to be her personal friend. Also, she is very intelligent, but likes to keep her thoughs to herself.

Backstory: Ashlee born into one of the richest families in the entire district, the head peacekeeper's one. She was the only daughter of the ruthless head peacekeeper of her district. She had no siblings, and her mother died when she had just seventeen days of life. Because of that, her father was very strict about her and her behavior between other people. Ashlee always was a good-behaved girl, until the time that she watched the Hunger Games for the first time. She was seven years old, and she watched all the Games. Then, she talked with her father and she said that she wanted to start to train, but her father recused. So, she had one idea. She pretended that she goes help some poor kids on the orphanage, but in the reality, she goes to the forest with her knife and she practices with it every single day. But on the reaping day, she volunteered and the entire district got shocked. Her father fainted for a while...

Height: 5'6

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Knife, Throwing Knives

Strengths: Speed & Agility, Tree Climbing, Plants Identification

Weaknesses: Brute Strenght, Common Sense, Swimming

Fears: Electrophobia, fear of Electricity

Interview Angle: She will act as a sweet career, and make everyone believe that she is a great competitor and they will not spend their money in vain while they sponsor her.

Bloodbath Strategy: Well she is career after all, so she will run off the platform and grab a knife or a throwing knife. Then, take over the Cornucopia and kill off some tributes.

Token: A bracelet that she usually uses on her leg.

Alliance: The careers.