Name: Fabiole Graino
Fabiole graino

District: 9 (11, 12)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Weapon: Throwing Axes, Snares

Strengths: Tree Climbing, Plants Identification, Swimming

Weaknesses(min. 2): Physical Strenght, Running

Appearence(Lunaii if possible, otherwise I will make one and you have the describe):

Personality: Kind, Nice, Innocent, Likeable

Backstory: She born in a wealth family inside the poorest part of District 9. She was liked by her family, because her parents were the nicest couple in all the district. They two worked on the merchant section of District 9, and Fabiole always liked to work with them as a little sellswoman. When she was five years old, her parents were killed by some peacekeepers who thought they ate what they produced. Immediately, Fabiole got depressed and went to a small orphanage in the district. In the orphanage, she is liked by all the kids and she loves them and cares for them like her real family. Reaped or Volunteered: Reaped

Bloodbath Strategy: She will stay on the outskirts, watching out the Career alliance. Then, she will grab some importants items and run away.

Strategy for the rest of the Games:

Interview Angle: She will stay quiet during the first seconds of the interview, but she will release her soul if the interviewer asks her about District 9.


301st Hunger Games: ? of 28