Fran is finished. He is the district partner of Ashlee Nereos. When submitting District 2, they do not need to be together, but they can be.

Fran's InfoEdit

Name: Fran Sistrata
Fran sistrata

Districts: 2 (4, Capitol)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Personality: Fran is normally cold and calculating, and is very popular on his school. All of the girls and boys on his district currently like a lot of Fran and he pretends that he likes them the same way. He is famous and popular, so everybody in the district likes him. He is also selfish and arrogant, and would never share his things with any other people, even his close friends.

Backstory: Fran born into one rich family on the main part of his district. His parents were diamond sellers (most of them coming from district 1), so they were very famous around the district. However, Fran was always selfish and rude to his parents, and his parents never denied nothing for him. So when he was just eight years old, his parents gave his favorite toy to poor kids and Fran rebeled. So, he thought in a plan. He would murder his parents and use their money to grow up healthy and have what he wants to. So on the day after the plan strategy, he grabbed a knife and when his parents returned from the market plaza, Fran was waiting for them. He stabbed both with the knife and then, they finally died. After their death, Fran got the inheritance and stayed up on his house with the money that, once, was from his parents. So, he kept training and on the reaping day, he volunteered because he thinks that he is ready.

Height: 6'1

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Bow & Arrow, Knife

Strengths: Physical Strenght, Speed & Agility, Accuracy

Weaknesses: Tree Climbing, Swimming, Long Running

Fears: Frigophobia, fear of Extreme Cold

Interview Angle: He will act sexy and charming, and he will lie that he thinks the Capitol girls very pretty to gain some female sponsors. Other than that, just being interesting.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run inside the chaos of tributes running and use his speed to get a bow and some arrows. Then, take over along with the other career tributes.

Token: A golden necklace that he stole from his parents.

Alliance: The Careers.