Jessica is finished. She is the district partner of Zachary Stratone. When submitting District 2, they do not need to be together.

Jessica's InfoEdit

Name: Jessica Walter
Jessica walter

Districts: 2 (4, Capitol)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Personality: Jessica is very mysterious and elusive. She does not like to socialize around with everyone she meets, so she just stays out of the attention. Also, she can be extremely intelligent and strategic, and find out plans to break it down with everything or just keeps her alive. However, being shy as she is, she can't lead others in any situation, even a death one.

Backstory: Jessica was born in a somewhat okay family around her district. Her parents were both peacekeepers and they usually spent more time on the job than taking care of Jessica. Her only and older sister, Mutta, was the only one to took care of Jessica. They two were great friends and they promised that never they would be separated. But they were. On a confusing day, her mother was killed by a rebel on the plaza and her father immediately ran to the place with his two daughters. There, he killed the rebel quickly with a pistol, but other rebels saw him and chased after him and his daughters. One of the rebels shot at them, and the bullet found Mutta's body. Jessica went crazy with that and pushed her father to the floor and the rebels killed him too. She managed to escape away, and never look back. So, she was moved to a community orphanage and now, she lives with the other orphans of her district. She hated to stay with the other kids, so she usually goes to the basement and she trains there. On the reaping day, Jessica finally volunteered. Now, she has a chance to win for Mutta and forget her past.

Height: 5'4

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Bow & Arrow, Knife

Strengths: Speed & Agility, Accuracy, Intelligent

Weaknesses: Leading Others, Climbing, Plants Identification

Fears: Ballistophobia, fear of Missiles

Interview Angle: She is very shy and elusive, so she is not able to make a long speech or respond with total sure. So, she just will try to tell her history back on District 2 and ignore hard questions.

Bloodbath Strategy: She is fast and she knows it, so she will try to enter on the Cornucopia and take a bow to her. She will aim the bow at everyone next to her and they will make a distance. Honestly, she would kill everybody, but she does not need to.

Token: None.

Alliance: The careers, but if they don't want her, she will go with the "anti-careers".