Lori is finished. She is the district partner of Volker Mipton. When submitting District 2, they do need to be together.

Lori's InfoEdit

Name: Lori McPhea
Lori mcphea

Districts: 2 (7, Capitol)

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Personality: Lori is very independent and autonomous; she always get her job done with no help of other persons. Also, she knows how to calm down someone and how to take care of a wounded person. She has not many friends, but socializing was never a really problem for her. Also, when she sees someone that has a personality of one of the twins (like a brutal person, he reminds of Valter) and she likes Volker, her best friend ever.

Backstory: Lori born into one of the poorest familes around the market area of her district. Both of her parents died when she was just three years old on an explosion at the market area, so she was growing up in one orphanage. But when she was just five years old, she got whisked off the orphanage because she was picking more food to herself. Then, she had no places to go, and slept on the street. But one day, a baby-sitter found her on the streets and put Lori on her apartment. Lori started to know how nannies work and she became one when she was eighteen years old. She met up with a pair of workers for the mayor. So, the mayor's workers contracted a baby-sitter for their five twin sons. Each one of them had a personality; Volker was the shy one, Valter was the brutal and rude one, Viltor was the metrosexual one, Vertor was the funny one and Vulder was the preppy and "chic" one. She easily got close with the twins, but Volker and Lori got really close and they begun to be friends. But one day before the reaping, the rebels invaded their house and killed all of the mayor's workers and the twins lost their parents. So on the reaping day, Lori got reaped and he volunteered because he is very depressed about losing his parents and he can't think on losing Lori.

Height: 5'9

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Knife

Strengths: Intelligence, Survival Skills, Speed & Agility

Weaknesses: Brute Strenght, Rock Climbing, Accuracy

Fears: Taurophobia, fear of Bulls

Interview Angle: She will try to be funny and interesting for the Capitol audience, talking about her district and about Volker. She knows that a good interview can giveher sponsors, so she will make her best.

Bloodbath Strategy: She knows that she is fast, so she will run off her platform and immediately, meet up with Volker. Then, she will grab supplies and run away from the bloodbath.

Token: A golden necklace with the photos of the five twin brothers.

Alliance: Just Volker and if not, go solo.