Maraen is finished. She is the district partner of Nato Turelio. When submitting District 3, they do need to be together.

Maraen's InfoEdit

Name: Maraen Marion
Maraen marion

Districts: 3 (Capitol, 5)

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Personality: Maraen is a robot, most likely an android. As an android, she can't feel emotions or fall in love with someone. Anyway, Nato made her very intelligent, but she can't say many words as a real human. People usually don't like Nato and her walking around, because they think they are crazy.  Also, she is extremely shy and usually just comments something with Nato.

Backstory: Nato was born into a family of mechanics. His parents worked with robots, so Nato got addicted to it when he was very young, just at three years old. So, during most of his childhood, he grew up trying to make the best robot he would have to make. So when he six years old, he created a female robot. On the beginning, the robot just was able to say few words and move scarcely. But one accident happened to his family at that year. His parents were working at their factory of robots and suddenly, all the factory blew up. The reasons of the accident keep unknown, so no one knows what or who killed them there. Nato became a loner, so he needed someone to stay with him for a while. And he decided the robot. He started to think that the robot was a real girl, so he stupidly signed her up as a human, and put her name Maraen Marion, the name of his mother (Maraen) and his father (Marion). By a coincidence, on the first year Maraen was available to be reaped off, she got reaped and Nato volunteered right after to take care of her on the arena. He can't lose someone who he loves again.

Height: 6'0

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Explosives

Strengths: Physical Strenght, Speed & Agility, Accuracy

Weaknesses: Swimming, Tree Climbing, Plants Identification

Fear: Aquaphobia, fear of Water.

Interview Angle: She is shy and does not talk a lot with people that she does not know. So, she will just let the interview happen and avoid questions about she being a robot.

Bloodbath Strategy: She can run very fast, because Nato adjusted it on her. She will just grab most of the supplies for Nato, since she is faster than him. Then, they two will run away together.

Token: A bottle of oil.

Alliance: Solo or with Nato.