Riccarda is finished. She is the district partner of Ryker Rhodes. When submitting District 1, they do not need to be together.

Riccarda's InfoEdit

Name: Riccarda Hudde
Riccarda hudde

Districts: 1 (4, 2)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Personality: Riccarda is the normal sterotype of District 1 girl. She cares a lot about her appearance and about her social status. She would never do something which will destroy her status on the school and in the district. However, she has a sweet heart and a nice appearance, because she needs to show to the district that she can be friendly.

Backstory: Riccarda was brought up to be a career tribute. She comes from one of the richest families in the entire District 1. Her mother is the mayor of the district, so she always had what she wanted. However, her father was poor before the marriage, but got rich after marrying with Riccarda's mother. She basically spent most of her childhood with her nanny (Mariah, 44) and her only adoptive sister (Jessie, 13) and Riccarda always loved both like so bad. Actually, Jessie did not like of training for the Hunger Games and Mariah did not like the idea of volunteering to kill innocent kids. But anyway, Riccarda spent some time of her days training for the Hunger Games, but she prefered to do another thing. Make-up. For hours and hours, she stays on the bathroom just putting some make-up on. On the reaping day, she volunteered for the Games, and everyone in the district got shocked and her mother got extremely sad about her possible fate.

Height: 5'8

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Hatchet, Throwing Axes

Strengths: Speed & Agility, Hunting, Physical Strenght

Weaknesses: Swimming, Fire Starting, Rock Climbing

Fears: Mycophobia, fear of Mushrooms

Interview Angle: She will act sexy and charming, and try to be loveable to the interviewer. Also, she will try to comment about make-up and about her sister, back in the district.

Bloodbath Strategy: She is kinda fast and strong, but she will not try to risk her life. She will run for an axe or an hatchet and try to join with the other career tributes. She will kill the weakest tributes, but let the huge threats to the other careers.

Token: A green necklace with a pearl.

Alliance: The career tributes