Ryker is finished. He is the district partner of Riccarda Hudde. When submitting District 1, they do not need to be together.

Ryker's InfoEdit

Name: Ryker Rhodes
Ryker rhodes

Districts: 1 (2, 4)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Personality: Ryker is extremely quiet and cold, and usually does not talk a lot with one person. He is sarcastic, and he hates when someone thinks that he is a "weakling" and he would beat up on that person until the death. He usually does not get a lot of girlfriends or girls loving him, because he is shy and does not chat with them.

Backstory: When Ryker was growing up, he always was seriously bullied on his school. Most of the guys who were bullying him hated black kids, and this is the reason why they would hate Ryker. He grew up living with his family which included his mother (Oliva) and his father (Jamesson). His father has black hair and a dark skin, and his mother has blonde hair and a light skin, and some people on the district hates their relationship because of that. Ryker was not brought up to be a career tribute and when he was sixteen years old, he got spanked by some older boys near the school. On the other day, he begun his hard training, even without the permission of his parents. He studied a lot about swords and knives and he trained about edible plants and tree climbing, things that an usual Career does not train. On the day before the reaping day, he chased the boys who spanked him and he killed them all using his own hands. However, on the reaping day, he volunteered and all the district got shocked with his attitude.

Height: 6'3

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Sword, Throwing Knives

Strengths: Speed & Agility, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Plants Identification

Weaknesses: Fire Starting, Common Sense, Doesn't Trust Anyone

Fears: Anginophobia, fear of Choking.

Interview Angle: Ryker will act like a confident career tribute and never respond the questions of the interviewer with long answers or with a speech. He will be quiet and shy as always.

Bloodbath Strategy: As an usual career, he will attend the Cornucopia bloodbath and do anything to put his hands over a sword or a backpack with throwing knives. Then, he will kill anyone else who passes over him.

Token: None

Alliance: It depends. If he realizes that the career tributes are strong enough, he will continue with them during all the Games. But if the careers are weak, then he will leave during the third day.