Selena is finished. She is the district partner of Carlo Opal. When submitting District 1, they always need to be together.

Selena's InfoEdit

Name: Selena Richelle
Selena richelle

Districts: 1 (5, 8)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Selena is a sweet and nice girl, which is very unusual coming from a girl living in a career district. But anyway, she is quiet and shy when she is public, but there is one way to Selena release her real personality. Carlo. When she sees her love, she becomes the sweetest person in the world and she forgets about the world around her and focus on Carlo's lips.

Backstory: Selena was born into one community hospital. Sadly, her mother died during the childbirth, so Selena never really met her mother. However, in that community hospital, on the other room, a guy called Carlo Opal was born. They got seperated by the destiny that brought Selena up to the richest part and Carlo went to the poorest one. They grow up not remembering about the fate of the other, but the destiny took them together again. At a party at the community hospital, Selena and Carlo met each other and discovered that the other born at the exactly time, at the exactly place. They two got very closer to each other, and when they were fourteen years old, Selena's father whisked Selena off his house. Immediately, Carlo and she ran away out of the main town of the district and started to live in the deep of the woods. They two built a little house there, and they separated the jobs. Carlo hunts animals and protect their house, while Selena collects plants and makes the food. They two did it for ages and ages, but on the reaping day, Selena got reaped and Carlo volunteered to save her.

Height: 5'4

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Dagger, Machete

Strengths: Plants Identification, Aim, Tree Climbing

Weaknesses: Hunting, Swimming, Fire Starting

Fears: Cleithrophobia, fear of Getting locked in an enclosed place

Interview Angle: She will act as the sweetest career tribute. She will try to show to the Capitol how much she loves Carlo, and how she would do anything to save his life.

Bloodbath Strategy: When the gong rings, she will run and collect some supplies. Even being a career tribute, she will not show off all of her skills and she will not stay dominant, letting Carlo do it.

Token: A red ribbon on her hair.

Alliance: The careers, but she will follow where Carlo goes.