Volker is finished. He is the district partner of Lori McPhea. When submitting District 2, they do need to be together.

Volker's InfoEdit

Name: Volker Mipton
Volker mipton

Districts: 2 (7, Capitol)

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Personality: Volker always was the shy one between his twin brothers. He is quiet and usually does not hang with other guys around. He sucks socializing around, and he knows about it, so he tries to don't try. But with Lori, he is different. He is nice and sweet and loves to be with her doing everything they like. So he just wants to be with Lori, just this. 

Backstory: Volker born into a rich family around the main area of the district. Both of his parents worked for the mayor, so he always got what he wanted to have. But he was not alone. He was one of the five twins that his parents got. Each one of the twins got a personality; Volker was the shy one, Valter was the brutal and rude one, Viltor was the metrosexual one, Vertor was the funny one and Vulder was the preppy and "chic" one. They always were very close to each other, but their parents begun to work more for the mayor while the years flew around. So when they were nine years old, his parents contracted a baby-sitter for them. Her name was Lori McPhea. She was a sweet and poor girl who wanted to get a job anyway, so she started to work as nanny for rich familes. She easily got close with the twins, but Volker and Lori got really close and they begun to be friends. But one day before the reaping, the rebels invaded their house and killed all of the mayor's workers and Volker lost his parents. So on the reaping day, Lori got reaped and he volunteered because he is very depressed about losing his parents and he can't think on losing Lori.

Height: 4'11

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Slingshot, Blowgun

Strengths: Speed & Agility, Intelligence, Aim

Weaknesses: Physical Strenght, Socializing, Swimming

Fears: Apiphobia, fear of Bees

Interview Angle: He is extremely shy, so he would not be comfortable talking with the interviewer, so he will talk about the histories of his brothers and about Lori.

Bloodbath Strategy: He will dack off his platform and meet up with Lori. They will collect some supplies next to them and then, run away together.

Token: A golden necklace with the photo of his four twin brothers.

Alliance: Just Lori and if not, go solo.