Zachary is finished. She is the district partner of Jessica Walter. When submitting District 2, they do not need to be together.

Zachary's InfoEdit

Name: Zachary "Zac" Stratone
Zachary stratone

Districts: 2 (1, 4)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Personality: Zachary was happy and full with joy before the death of all his family. He tried his best to keep it up with food enough on their table, and he would never stop of doing it. However when all his family was destroyed on that fire, he changed his personality. He got depressed and bored, with nothing to do, but wait for the reaping. During the Games, he will try his best to release his old and sweet personality.

Backstory: Zachary was born into one of the few poor families on District 2. His father had just one of the arms, because one of them was truncated during his job on the Nut. However, his mother is completely deaf and she can't hear nothing. Being the older brother of other three siblings, Zachary always was the "man" of the house. He had to work on a market as fruits salesman. His younger sisters collect the berries on the forest, while Zachary usually cooks the plants and fruits for them. After the death of his father by the Capitol, Zachary got extremely upset and just stayed up at home teaching how to kill to his sisters. Whenever he gets a time to practice, he woudl train as much as he can to be prepared if someday, his name gets picked. But some days before the reaping, his mother accidentally set fire on the house while Zac was on the market. When he returned, he saw nothing but the corpses of his family and the smoke. So on the reaping day, he got no choice, but volunteer to stop with his depression.

Height: 5'6

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Axe, Spear

Strengths: Physical Strenght, Strategy, Survival Skills

Weaknesses: Speed & Agility, Rock Climbing, Swimming

Fears: Thermophobia, fear of Heat

Interview Angle: He does not have many topics to talk with the interviewer. He will just make the time fly for a while and explain the things that he is good at.

Bloodbath Strategy: Take over the Cornucopia bloodbath and just put his hands over a weapon. Then, it is every man by himself. He will never protect other career.

Token: A green necklace made by his mother.

Alliance: The careers.