Zaire is finished. He is the district partner of Kara Tanake. When submitting District 3, they do not need to be together.

Zaire's InfoEdit

Name: Zaire Greenpond
Zaire greenpond

Districts: 3 (6, 8)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Personality: Zaire is usually sly and very mysterious. His parents and his siblings do not care about him at all, because they worry more about themselves. Basically, no one but himself knows about his presence on the district, so everybody got surprised that he was reaped, as he actually never showed his face in public. He wants to be social with at least, one person, but he does not know anyone who can actually discover his good side and deal with it. He likes to think for himself, and not say it to anyone.

Backstory: Zaire was brought up in an enormous family. His parents had eleven kids, counting with Zaire. Due to this fact, his parents always ignored him to take care of the youngest children. So, in this meanwhile, he spent the time studying poison and poisonous things in the basement. On the start, he only studied poison that he could find on his own house, but when he completed twelve years old, he started to cross the fence to collect some poisonous berries to use in his potions. His potions are excellent, and could kill in less than one minute, so he never tried it with anyone for a while. But all of it changed one month before the reapings, he managed to cross the fence on the dusk but ate a sleep powder by mistake and slept there, on the forest. So on the other day, peacekeepers found him, but he managed to shove poisonous berries down the peacekeeper's throats, killing them all. He did not believe what he did, and on the reaping day, he got reaped and he does not know if it was because of his bad luck or because the head peacekeeper found out that he killed peacekeepers.

Height: 5'5

Appearance: (lunaii)

Weapon: Poison, Scythe

Strengths: Intelligence, Speed & Agility, Plants Identification

Weaknesses: Swimming, Fire Starting, Hunting

Fears: Thalassophobia, fear of the Sea

Interview Angle: He will use "short and good" answers, it means that he could not say many words, but will try to make a good perfomance at interviews.

Bloodbath Strategy: He knows that he is a good runner, so he will go to the center of the Cornucopia and retrieve a backpack or a scythe, but then, run away to any area with wild life. If not, the one who he sees that maybe has poison in it.

Token: None

Alliance: He will go solo or in a duo.